Our process begins in the farms, where only the best varieties of seeds are selected, by professional agronomists to guarantee performance standard. In addition, chemical products without petroleum base and only pesticides, herbicides and green fungicides.




Our production facilities are continually being updated with an emphasis on quality, efficiency and safety through process design and automation. We are equipped to manufacture a wide range of fruits and vegetables products. If your manufacturing needs call for our products packaged in cases or any other type of package, consider contacting Mayasim for your contract manufacturing.


Packaging Design


Mayasim engineering and packaging experts specialize in packaging designs that ensure a product’s integrity is maintained throughout its life cycle. Our design recommendations consider ease of use and packaging appeal for the consumer. 


Supply Chain Management


We have years of experience sourcing ingredients, packaging material, “just in time” manufacturing, production scheduling, inventory management equipped with electronic tracking, order processing and transportation. Mayasim can manage your project from start to finish or you may choose the range of services that best meets your company’s needs.

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