We Process

We receive our strawberries and other fresh mini-veggies from our farmers in our packing house. First, we evaluate the raw material by strict inspection. Then, we clasificate the raw material by color and size and weight them. 80% of the strawberries from our farm are Grade A 25-35cm which we provide to the supermarkets and processing frozen and the rest we process for industries by cutting the leaves. We send our products for microbiology analysis in accredit lab. We check Brix and Ph and keeping always keeping our safety-food first!  


we cut the leaves and move the fresh strawberries to a washing machine specially for strawberries. The machine has a capacity to wash 5000 pounds per hour. After the washing, the strawberries are sent to the IQF machine and freeze by -23 to -18 celsius degrees. Most of our customers prefer the strawberry as whole, also we can do your style-cutting and prepare some mix-fruits specially for you.   


We also process kosher frozen products. During the strawberries process we do analysis of insects such as trips and mites. All the kosher certificates signed and stamped by a kashruth supervisor.