We Farm

Before we start to plant, we have a checklist to do. We check almost everything to meet the optimum conditions we need and also to be sure our project will succeed . First we check the conditions in the location where we would like to plant our strawberries or other type of crop, such as height, humidity, proper water resources by microbiology analisis and also seeing by Google map that nobody before use this land. Around the location, we look for farmers from the nearest villages to work with us.   

Then, we buy seeds, materials, pesticides and insecticides. Doing a plan of plantation and starting!  Step by step we build all the infrastructure on the land including the water system to have the ability to spay everywhere at the farm. We use pesticides allowed by the FDA regulation and doing analysis in accredited laboratory. Remember, in the end we export our strawberries to the US. 

After three months, planting and maintaining the farm, the harvest come. Our strawberries! we harvest twice a week. Often we do a post-harvest depends on delivery-time and destination from our customer.