Who We Are

We are an agricultural company that dreaming big! We've been working hard and sharing our experience with our customers - on different continents - and are proud of what we've been creating, how we've been producing our products and with whom. We are committed to provide quality products and services, and to keep on living that adventure with you. 

Come meet us!!!

We are committed to maintain a high quality products and high lever of food-safety all the way from our farms until the client. We also offer a variety of products which you can discover here.

Our Process

We farm, process, and pack our fresh and frozen fruits & vegetables. We also offer a wide range of customized services which you can discover during our process right here.  

Our Customers

We distribute our fresh berries and mini-veggies to multinational supermarket chain, ice cream & jam industries, and grocery stores in Latin America. Our frozen products are distributed in Asia through a local partnership for grocery juices and bakery popular stores and also as a retail bag in a multinational supermarkets.